Strategic Enrollment Management - Unifying Student and College Success

Student success is at the center of everything we do. As open-entry institutions, California Community Colleges serve a diverse student body with wide-ranging educational goals. The needs, interests, and size of that student body continuously change. You need to plan for and adapt your programs and services to meet these changing needs.

At the same time, the institution itself must survive and thrive. A college that is unable to anticipate and react to changes in enrollment or course demand cannot properly help students meet their goals. You have to maintain fiscal viability to ensure that you can support your community now and into the future.

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is a holistic concept and a process that enables the fulfillment of an institution’s mission and its students’ educational goals. While grounded in the current operating environments, SEM includes a future-oriented vision and is adaptable to the changing environment.

SEM resources are in active development. Check back soon for additional resources and information.

Overview and Background

Resources and Tools

  • Resource Guides (coming soon)
    • Calculating and Understanding FTES and Productivity
    • Understanding CCC Budget and Reporting
    • Developing and Managing the Course Schedule
    • A Roadmap to SEM Planning
    • Data Tools and Metrics for SEM
    • Targeted Marketing for SEM
    • High Impact Success, Retention and Persistence Practices for SEM
  • FTES Primer (coming soon)
  • SEM Institutional Self-Assessment (coming soon)
  • SEM Institutional Self-Assessment Facilitator's Guide (coming soon)
  • SEM Promising Practices (coming soon)
  • SEM Academy (coming soon)

For more information on SEM resources and tools please contact Cathy Hasson, or Michelle Barton